Faculty of Education

Faculty of education (FoE) is the leading faculty of the university. This faculty is led by highly qualified and potential faculty members. It is the nationally recognized faculty of this university. The faculty follows the principle of integrity and the courses it has launched are totally research-based. The faculty envisions to transform the educational landscape of Nepal through high quality holistic teacher education programme and it plays an instrumental role in developing teachers, teacher educators, educational leaders, professionals and researchers who can contribute for social reformation and advance the speed of  socio-economic development of Far-Western region and the whole nation. The faculty is led by the dedicated transformative intellectuals who have got international exposure. The faculty is also officially recognized as the most research-productive and internationally reputable one in the country. Needless to say, our high number of active researchers is nationally and internationally recognized for their work. The most interesting thing about the faculty is that it has signed an MOU with a Korean university for launching Special Needs Education (SNE) programme.

The faculty has run graduate and undergraduate programs in different subjects like English, Health, CPL, Maths and B.Ed. CSIT. B.Ed. CSIT has become a major attraction since it is a new faculty in education in the context of Nepal. The faculty has started the concept of producing multidimensional teachers by teaching them minor courses along with their content courses.