The main objective of FOE is to create educational hob for teacher, teacher educators, researchers and other competent human resources as well as contributing on national development by providing skillfull and trained educators. To be more specific FOE is striving to achieve the following major objectives:

1.   To Provide the  competent and well trained teachers for teaching at various level.

2.   To prepare skillful course developer, administrators, researchers, educational planners for fulfilling the desired

       need of nation.

3.   To be conscious of and responds to the curriculum development needs and  reqiurements  of the country and responds

        to  thsese in order to provide  a center for further development.

4.   To prepare teachers teaching diffentntly abled learners of the nation.

5.   To help governement  in the formation of educational policies, programmes and plannings

       for improving education system of the nation.

6.   To support its teachers and learners for developing research skill and getting international exposure. 

7.   To collaborate with other national and international institution for the development of quality education.  

8.   To work for creating the center of excellence for the advancement of an individual and nation. 

9.   To undertake basic and applied research in Education and other areas.

10. To publish the results of research or other study and to encourage publications.